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Since our inception in 2021, we have launched multiple innovative startups and provided operational support to our founders, creating a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration and growth. The emphasis on actively participating in the development and growth of supported companies reflects a commitment to a holistic approach to venture-building.

Our Story


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Plantech was founded by Djordje Planincic and Amar Sijercic, friends and business partners who, through their own entrepreneurial experiences, learned about the impact startups can have, not just on individuals but also various industries and whole communities.

Before launching Plantech in 2021, our team had collectively worked across various venture-backed startups and enterprise companies, secured investment funds amounting to dozens of millions of dollars, generated hundreds of well-paying jobs, and fostered the creation of startups worth billions of dollars.

Since then, we’ve launched 2 successful startups, worked with dozens of founders, and are working on transforming the startup-building industry.

We are there to support entrepreneurs on their own journeys. We partner with founders and the companies they lead to go faster and further, together.

What we stand for

We embrace and provoke change

understanding that it is the driving force behind true innovation. Our approach is designed to not only adapt to the ever-evolving market landscape but also to actively instigate and lead the transformation. This philosophy ensures that we bring forth unique, cutting-edge solutions that distinctly set your product apart in a competitive market.

We’re the best at our thing

A title we proudly uphold due to our unwavering dedication to excellence. This commitment to quality isn’t a recent development; it’s a core principle we adopted back in 2021 and have since integrated into every aspect of our work. Our journey since then has been a continuous pursuit of perfection, where we constantly refine our skills, processes, and outputs.

We always think User-first

placing the needs and perspectives of the user at the forefront of everything we do. This approach isn’t just about meeting immediate requirements; it’s about ensuring long-term success for our partners and creating delightful experiences for users. By prioritizing user satisfaction and experience, we forge a path that leads to sustained growth and loyalty.

We celebrate each achievement

embracing the philosophy that your goals are our goals, and your victories are our victories too. This mindset forms the foundation of our partnership with you, where we align our efforts seamlessly with your objectives. By investing wholeheartedly in your success, we create a shared journey marked by mutual triumphs and accomplishments.

Meet the Founders

Plantech Startup Builder

Djordje Planincic

Founder & CEO

Experienced professional driving tech advancements, passionate about AI and greentech. Organizes meetups, loves 80's/90's hardware.

Plantech Startup Builder

amar Sijercic

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Experienced Creative Director delivering exceptional design solutions, passionate about pushing boundaries for product and business success.

Build with us.

Got a cool idea? Plantech is where it takes flight. Let’s work together to create the next big thing.

Plantech Startup Builder Build with us bg

Build with us.

Got a cool idea? Plantech is where it takes flight. Let’s work together to create the next big thing.